Anthony D. Brown, Colonel (Ret.) USAF

Anthony Brown Anthony D. Brown has been providing safety and health consulting services and loss prevention programs for a multitude of clients since retiring from the Federal Government. Mr. Brown places great emphasis on promoting SAFE WORK PRACTICES rather than simple regulatory compliance. Safety program development, auditing of facilities and sporting events, providing expert witness testimony, providing training for domestic and international clients, evaluating educational and municipality safety programs, and serving as liaison/lobbyist for associations in working with OSHA and other government agencies are key capabilities.

Mr. Brown began his safety career in the construction industry and then joined the Environmental Protection Agency where he served for 10 years as the National Safety Programs Manager. He implemented the first agency-wide review of EPA’s vast array of activities and field operations to identify unsafe or potentially hazardous conditions. Previous efforts had focused on health issues and not the physical risks associated with laboratories, underwater diving, aircraft operations, aquatic or marine research and hazardous waste operations. Regional and field office/laboratory safety committees were established and a diving safety board was created to assure the consistency of agency wide safety programs.

Mr. Brown transferred to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration and spent 12 years with OSHA’s Directorate of Construction. During his tenure with OSHA, Mr. Brown was the senior liaison and coordinated the first NAFTA Construction Conference in Mexico City. As member of the senior staff, Mr. Brown was an effective liaison with the construction industry and initiated OSHA’s first effort to recognize crane operator’s certification. In addition to authoring numerous technical reports and studies, Mr. Brown wrote, produced and directed two safety video’s including:
  • Crane Safety for Site Supervisors
  • A Basic Look at Scaffolding for
  • Compliance Officers
  • Crane Inspection Guidelines
  • Evaluation of Corp of Engineers Safety and Health Program
Mr. Brown is member and past chapter president of the American Society of Safety Engineers, and Safety Management Society. He is also a member and sits on several committees of the American of the American Society of Civil Engineers, the American National Standards Institute and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.
Mr. Brown attended Northern VA Community College and the University of Colorado with studies in Civil Engineering, Business and Safety Management.


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