Jeffrey E. Schmidt, Colonel (Ret.) USAF

Jeffrey Schmidt Jeff Schmidt has been providing expert Federal acquisition training, guidance, and policy development for numerous Government and private sector clients. Presently, his consulting work specializes in providing solutions to difficult procurement issues for his customers. He has over 27 years of award winning recognition with operational and program execution expertise at Major Command, Air Force, Joint, and Office of Secretary of Defense (OSD) levels.

Mr. Schmidt has excelled in many areas to include contracting strategy development and execution responsibilities at every level of Air Force operational activity to include base level, sustainment, systems development and production. He is an expert in performance based services, Alternative Disputes Resolution (ADR), competitive strategies, source selection procedures, and contract management methods for both domestic and international arenas.

His expertise also includes Program Management where he has led several cross-functional organizations in the management of weapon systems and sub-systems acquisition. Jeff was the focal point for OSD oversight of 21 critical Air Force programs valued at $200 billion during transition of Air Force senior acquisition leadership. He also was responsible for acquisition oversight of the National Security Agency for OSD. Jeff additionally developed tailored Milestone Decision procedures for intelligence acquisition programs shared between Director of National Intelligence and SECDEF.

Key positions held include two command tours; a contracting squadron and Defense Contract Management Command unit; Director of Contracting at two Air Force Acquisition Centers; Principal Assistant responsible for Contracting – Afghanistan; Senior Acquisition Analyst for OSD, and Director, B-1 Bomber Programs.

Mr. Schmidt holds a BA in Political Science from California Polytechnic State University, an MS in International Relations, Troy State University, and completed/taught the Advanced and Executive Program Manger’s Course, Defense Systems Management College.


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