Cecilia Sells, International Affairs, Intel and Nuclear Policy

Cecilia Sells Cecilia Sells provides international affairs, intelligence, and nuclear policy expertise to the government and private sector.

Mrs. Sells worked with interagency partners to define and establish the Countering Nuclear Threats (CNT) effort as a DoD focus area and supported the development of the CNT architecture. She has drafted, coordinated, and published DoD guidance, and developed training materials for DoD, DHS, and interagency staff. She has extensive experience supporting nuclear weapon incident exercises, including planning, coordination with interagency partners, and analysis of lessons learned. She has written daily intelligence reports for DHS senior leadership and coordinated intelligence dissemination to state and local partners. Her analytical products have also supported the State Department and USCENTCOM. In addition to her subject matter expertise, Mrs. Sells has been recognized for her leadership, management, and analytical abilities.

Mrs. Sells earned a BA (cum laude) in Political Science from Clemson University and a Master of International Affairs with a focus in National Security (magna cum laude) from The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University.


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Cecilia Sells
International Affairs, Intel & Nuclear Policy

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